Your Glove. Your Stories. Your Wallet.
With the FC Goods Pastime Custom Program, the stories, memories, and legacy bound up in the baseball glove you cherish can live on in your own custom-made, handcrafted wallet.

Simply choose the wallet style you want and our team will take care of the rest. Keep reading to see how it works.
Step 1

Choose Your Wallet Style

Pick from a billfold, card case or zip wallet and place your order.

Step 2

We Send You A Box With A Pre-Paid Shipping Label

When we receive your order, we send you a box with everything you need to easily ship us your glove: a foam layer, plastic poly bag, sticker for sealing the box, and pre-paid UPS shipping label. Standard UPS shipping is free for all Pastime Custom Program orders. We will notify you by email when this box has been sent to you.

Step 3

You Send Us Your Glove

Pack, seal, and label the box, then take it to the nearest USPS drop-off location. Your shipping will be free, and we will notify you by email that we have confirmation from USPS that your glove is on the way to our team.

Step 4

We Transform Your Glove Into A Handcrafted Wallet

After notifying you via email that our team has received your glove, our chief leatherworker, Randolph Del Carmen, will handcraft your glove into your custom-made wallet. Randolph handles all Pastime orders personally. We will also notify you via email when your wallet has been finished.

Step 5

We Send You Your Custom-Made Wallet

When it is finished, we ship you your custom wallet. We include a blank note card and envelope in every box in case this order is a gift. Again, all standard UPS shipping is free for you, and we will notify you both when the wallet has been sent out and when it has arrived at your address.

Your Legacy Is In The Leather

The Pastime Custom Program exists because we value the stories that are there in your glove. Those stories can live on with an accessory unlike any other in existence. Order yours today.