How many cards do the "billfold, card case, tri-fold etc.. hold?

It depends on the wallet, but each one can hold 12 at minimum, and can be stretched out to hold more if needed.

Can I request a certain team or player on my wallet?

Both the Vault and our Limited Series releases allow you to select the exact wallet you are purchasing. In addition, our Pastime custom program allow you to use your own glove to make one of our wallets. This ensures you have the markings you want on the wallet. The Classic Wallets are all unique. Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill specific requests for Classic Wallets. 

Can I choose from a variety of options, or do I just get what I get?

You can choose the wallet type at checkout, but we can’t accommodate any requests for specific colors, etc. However, if you don’t like what you get, you’re welcome to exchange your wallet for a new one. 

Can you make a wallet from my own glove?

We sure can! We do this through our Pastime program. Click here to find out more. 

What is your Return Policy? 

Products that have not been monogrammed can be returned or exchanged within 90 days of receipt of your package for a full refund. To be eligible for a full refund, your item must be in the original packaging and the same condition in which you received it. To return a product, please click here and follow the instructions. 

What type of warranty do you have?  

We stand behind the Craftsmanship of our products for a full year. We will refund, replace, or repair your item. Please contact us at Support@FCgoods.com if you have any concerns. 
Where are your wallets made?  
We produce our wallets in the United States and in the Dominican Republic
Why are your wallets so expensive? 

At FC Goods, we collect vintage baseball gloves from across the U.S. (sometimes one by one), hand-cut the pieces we use from each glove, individually sew that glove leather together with full-grain steerhide one product at a time, package it beautifully so that it presents great in case you're giving it as a gift, and then ship it to you for free.

Could we charge less? Yes, we could. But then we'd have to significantly reduce quality at multiple points in that process. And for us, that's just not an option. That's because these aren't just some random leather goods; they're the stories of a pastime we really cherish. We think that's worthy of real attention to detail and craftsmanship.