5 Reasons This Wallet

Might Literally Be

The Perfect Gift For Baseball Fans

There’s just no satisfaction quite like the satisfaction of giving someone the perfect gift– especially when it’s for that guy you know who is just impossible to buy gifts for.

So we got thinking: what are the elements of a truly perfect gift? We’ve got four of them, and if the guy you’re thinking of is a baseball fan, they could not be more applicable. 

1. The Perfect Gift Shows Him How Well You Know Him

Would you give front row tickets to the opera as a gift to someone who hates opera music? Of course not. Because above all, the perfect gift shows someone how well you know them– and how well you know what they love.

We think that’s the #1 reason why a wallet handcrafted from vintage baseball glove leather is such a perfect gift for the guy who loves baseball. He opens it up and sees the old signatures, graphics, logos, and even the lace holes on the pieces of the vintage glove. He runs his hand over the familiar feel of soft, competition-aged leather. And above all, he holds it to his nose, smells the leather, and breathes in the romance of the game.

And there’s simply nothing else on earth that kindles the fire of that love affair like the leather on a glove.

2. The Perfect Gift Is High Quality & Well Made

When we buy a gift for someone we love, we want them to enjoy it for years to come. If a great gift shows someone how much we love them, what does it say about that love if it turns out to be a piece of junk?

That’s why we put such an emphasis on the craftsmanship of every FC Goods wallet. It’s why cut every vintage glove we utilize by hand. It’s why we use premium quality full-grain U.S. steerhide for the rest of the wallet. And it’s why our leather craftsmen individually sew each wallet one at a time with relentless attention to detail.

There is simply no shortcut to crafting artisan quality leather goods, and it’s the reason you can be confident that the gift you give will be a source of joy for years to come. 

3. The Perfect Gift Is Unexpected & Unique

There are lots of perfectly acceptable gifts for guys. But we’re not looking for “perfectly acceptable.” We’re looking for just plain perfect.

And this might be the thing that really separates FC Goods from the pack: not only is a wallet made from a vintage baseball glove a unique idea in the first place, but because every glove is different, every FC Goods wallet is literally the only one of its kind on earth.

Add to that the option for an extra touch of personalization with engraved monogramming and what do you have?

Another element of the truly perfect gift. 

4. The Perfect Gift Gets Used– A Lot.

So far we’ve said that the perfect gift is thoughtful, high quality, and unique. That’s all well and good, but if a thoughtful, high quality, and unique gift sits on a shelf (or worse, in a box somewhere) after it’s opened, is it really perfect? No, we’re still missing one thing: the perfect gift is also useful. That way, it’s an ongoing source of pleasure and a constant reminder of the thoughtfulness and love of the person who bought it.

Ultimately, an FC Goods wallet is just that: a wallet. It’s functional to the point of being used every single day. And every time its owner takes it out to pay, he’ll be reminded not only of his love for the game, but of his love for the person who got him that gift.

And that makes it that once-in-a-lifetime gift that’s as useful as it is meaningful. 

5. We’ll Monogram His Initials In It For Free (For A Limited Time)

If you’re buying a wallet as a gift, personalization adds that last little touch to make the person you’re giving it to feel that last bit more known and loved. And for as long as we’ve had the option, we’ve charged $25 to add custom monogramming to an FC Goods wallet. 

But we got thinking recently: why not make the perfect gift a little easier to give by wiping that extra charge and doing the monogramming for free?

Most customers who buy FC Goods wallets as gifts get them monogrammed. So let us help you out: for a limited time, we’ll handle the customization for free. You save the $25. The guy you’re giving the wallet to feels that much better.

It’s that final little touch that makes the perfect gift...perfecter?

We get it: buying a gift for someone can be an anxiety-inducing experience. But when it goes just right, it can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

We’re confident that if there’s a baseball-obsessed guy in your life, that’s the feeling you’ll have when you watch him open the box for his FC Goods wallet. With the holidays right around the corner, get him a gift he’ll love and use every single day for years to come.

We’d go so far as to say it’s the perfect gift.






  • Approx. W 4” x H 3.25”
  • 80% Espresso Dublin; 20% Vintage Glove Leather
  • 4 oz. Full Grain US Steerhide Leather
  • Embossed Logo
  • Two Card Pockets
  • One Lengthwise Bill Pocket

If you don’t love your wallet for any reason, return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. Policy does not apply to monogrammed wallets.

For more product information, including how we source vintage baseball gloves and use them to create handcrafted wallets, scroll down the page.

*Please allow an additional 3 business days for shipping on monogrammed wallets