What is the difference between The Classics, The Vault, and The Signature Series collections?

When you're browsing our FC Goods website, you may have noticed that we have a few collections that offer similar products. We sometimes get asked what makes our collections different. So we thought we'd take some time to answer that question for you, and hopefully, you will find it helpful when considering your next purchase.


The Classics are our most affordable and popular collection of wallets. Other than selecting the color and type of wallet or item you are purchasing, you won't know exactly what it will look like until you receive it. The feeling you or your loved one will experience as you open your package and see it for the first time has been compared to ripping open a new pack of baseball cards and finding one of the rare and most valuable cards you've been waiting for! Unlike the baseball cards though, each of our items truly is unique and one of a kind - there's simply no other like it!

In the extremely rare instance that you or your loved one doesn't like the style, logos/markings, or even player name on the classic wallet you get, we offer a 90-day hassle-free return policy and will exchange it for a new one. Simply contact our customer support specialist, Mandi, at support@fcgoods.com and she'd be glad to help you.

For example: Say you're a Boston Red Sox fan and you happen to get a wallet with a Yankee baseball player's signature on it. You can send it back and we'll send you a new one!

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The Vault is a collection of items handpicked by our team. Every month we go through our inventory and select what we think are the coolest-looking items we have, photograph them, and list them on our website so you may browse and shop your favorites. Most items in The Vault do not have player signatures on them (see Signature Series), but instead, have very unique colors and markings.

The items in The Vault are a little more expensive than The Classics, but you'll also know exactly what you're getting. We must have pretty good taste, as the items we list here each month don't tend to last long!  

Be sure to return to our website and browse The Vault at the beginning of each month if you're looking for something special. You can also subscribe to our email list so you can be reminded as soon as new items are added to it.

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The Signature Series is our premium leather goods collection featuring vintage glove leather cut from signature model baseball gloves, and feature the names of baseball legends, Hall of Famers, and childhood heroes like Mickey Mantle, George Brett, Ken Griffey Jr., and many more! 

While the items found in this collection may be more expensive, they are also the hardest gloves for us to find and leather goods for us to produce. This is simply the best collection of leather goods we have for those who have an affinity for a favorite ballplayer. An item from this collection is a guaranteed grand slam as a gift!

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Consider the following statements, and which one fits you best...

  1. I'm making a first-time purchase, and I'm not looking for the item to feature any specific baseball player...
    We recommend The Classics Collection (brown leather) or Classics Black (black leather) as these are more affordable, and if you don’t like what you get, you’re welcome to exchange your wallet for a new one.

  2. Love the idea of The Classics, but I really want to see exactly what I'm purchasing...
    The Vault is a great place to find an item that will look exactly as advertised. If you're on a budget and buying something as a gift; browsing The Vault may also have you reconsider purchasing something from The Classics collection - you'll be able to see a wide variety of the different wallets that we've made, and see for yourself that they all look amazing in their own unique way!

  3. I'm looking for an item that features the name of a specific baseball player...
    Be sure to start by browsing our Signature Series Collection. On the page, we list the names of the most popular players we currently have in stock, but we also encourage you to use the Search feature as well! 
No matter what collection you shop from, we know you'll love it!
We hope this post helped you better understand our different collections, and if you have any further questions please let us know. Feel free to shoot me an email directly at jim@fcgoods.com.

Take care & have a good one!

Jim Braunschweig
Brand Manager, FC Goods