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The front panel and back wall of the FC Goods The 50’s Card Case is made from 1950’s baseball glove leather. Watch the video to learn more and see an example wallet up close.

*Note: The video shows an example of a card case from this collection. Your actual card case is the one photographed at the top of this page.

• Approx. W 4"x H 2-½”

• 70% 1950’s Glove Leather (Back Wall & Front Panel), 30% Espresso Dublin (Middle Structural Panel)

• Gold Leaf Embossed Logo

• Two Card Pockets Hold Over 12 Cards Plus Cash 

CARD CASE Features

The Limited Edition The 50’s FC Goods Card Case is made from leather sourced from baseball gloves from the 1950’s, the middle of baseball’s “Golden Age.” Each glove is hand-cut and the leather is individually machine-sewn to craft a truly one-of-a-kind wallet.

For more details, see the product description video below.

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Why The 50’s?

The 1950’s was an incredible decade for baseball: the beginning of the career of Hammerin’ Hank, the true home run king. The Dodgers and Giants brought baseball to the west coast. The Shot Heard ‘Round The World.

But it was not just a time for great baseball moments. The 1950’s saw beautiful upheaval in American life. Jonas Salk ended polio. Elvis gyrated and changed music. Rosa Parks refused to move and changed the nation.

The 50’s Limited Release is our celebration of this remarkable era. 60-70 years ago, Americans wore this leather on their hands to play baseball. Today, that same leather looks and feels better than ever as it has aged, full as it is of the stories of the decade from which it came.

The Legacy Is In The Leather


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